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Angelo Petillo
Angelo Petillo
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About me

Half of my life I spent abroad and especially in Germany where I attended school and completed my university education with a degree Business Administration and Tourism. After various working experiences in responsibility positions in important hotels and in organizing corporate events and incentives in different European countries I decided it was time for a big change in the way I dealt with tourists but still remaining loyal to the world of travel. With all my precious cultural and professional experiences I came back to the roots of my family in Cilento for a full immersion in the local culture and life. It’s more than 15 years now since I gained the official licence as Tourist Guide for the Region Campania and I still carry out this profession with the same passion and attitude of the very first day.  I would like to rediscover slow travel together with you for the simple purpose of more intensely looking and listening to the landscapes and its people and to explain with easy to understand words history and arts, archaeology and architecture, costumes and traditions and more simply everyday life in Cilento and Campania. I want every participant to gain the most in knowledge and personal experience from his visit to this area. As I have the privilege of living nearby Paestum I can almost daily share its marvellous heritage with travellers from all over the world and feel united with them in front of such timeless beauty.

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