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Just seeing is not enough. You need to know and understand what you are seeing!

Le Guide di Paestum e Velia
"Just seeing is not enough. You need to know and understand what you are seeing!"

Paestum, the most beautiful town of Magna Graecia!

2600 years of history and mythology

  • Three imposing doric Temples, among the best preserved of ancient greek times;
  • The Tomb of the Diver, an amazing example of painted graves;
  • The bronze vases of the so called Heroon, very impressive and elegant;
  • The metopes of the Hera sanctuary, among the most ancient ones of this linear type;
  • The painted lucanian tombs and the particular grave artefacts, symbol of the richness and power of local aristocratic families;

Velia, an archaeological treasure in the National Park of Cilento

An absolutely fascinating site.

  • Birthplace of Parmenides and Zenon, in ancient greek times, when the city’s name was Elea; Parmenides was a philosopher, he wrote the poem “On Nature” and founded the Eleatic school of Philosophy; Zenon was a disciple of Parmenides and member of the philosophical school; he was well known for the so called “Paradoxes”;
  • The “Porta Rosa” (gate of the city), a masterpiece of ancient engineering and the only example of Greek arch in Italy;
  • The bricks of Velia, peculiar and unique in Magna Graecia and Sicily, both for shape and for the stamps present on them;
  • The impressive Angevin tower, which stands proudly on the Acropolis of the ancient city and offers a breathtaking view of the coast and mountains.

We wait for you to come and see all these wonderful places.

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